PCC P4 Project

PCC P4 Project

Storage Tanks – PCC P4 Project

Scope of work

Design, fabrication, delivery and on-site erection of 6 flat bottom storage tanks for Innovative Ultra-Pure Monochloroacetic Acid Production Plant of PCC P4 Sp. z o.o. in Brzeg Dolny / Poland, including:
  • Mechanical design
  • Purchase of materials
  • Welding Technologies (WPS, WPQR)
  • Prefabrication of tanks’ elements
  • Transport and assembly of 6 tanks at the construction site:
    • 2 pcs. V600 m3
    • 2 pcs. V500 m3
    • 1 pcs. V100 m3
    • 1 pcs. V200 m3
  • NDT
  • Office of Technical Inspection (UDT) approval
  • Assistance during Commissioning & Start-up Service


A240 TP 316L,
A240 TP 317LMN